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Larmer Tree 2016

Over the last few years July has come to mean Larmer Tree Festival time and this year was no exception. The vintage market was back in the global bazaar for its fourth year and we had a lovely few days. It was cloudy and rainy and sunny (sometimes all in one morning), but whatever the weather was doing outside the marquee looked fantastic inside as always. At one point I got a little carried away with decorating myself with temporary tattoos, because I’m not that brave with fashion statements and I figured I could get into the festival spirit by wearing pretty pictures instead of dressing up. They’re so much nicer than the temporary tattoos that used to come in packets of sweets when I was little – I remember having a very naff tattoo of Spider-Man on my arm circa 2002. Luckily 2016 has prettier options. Outside of our vintage marquee bubble there was lots going on as usual. It’s a really lovely little(ish) festival filled with interesting people, sights, and sounds. You never …

Paper Characters

The last few weeks, between selling at vintage markets and working part-time in a shop, I’ve been unable to go to the bustling local flea market where I usually find a lot of my materials/stock. It’s a few minutes walk from my house and not being able to go has been driving me a little bit mad – so near and yet so far! But this morning – finally and thankfully – I got to go treasure hunting. I had a great time rummaging through cardboard boxes full of vintage linens and inspecting table tops crammed with bric-a-brac, and found a respectable stash of vintage goodies to keep me happy for a good while. One find was very small but no less happy-making for it – a little group of whimsical Victorian ladies. They all look like they’re enjoying themselves in their own little worlds and they brim with playful character. For now they’ve found a new home in my paper ephemera box, waiting for future projects in need of a character or two. In …

A Crinoline Lady Bag

A few weeks ago, I was very excited to find a stash of beautiful vintage linens. It got my mind whirring with ideas and my hands itching to get sewing. And what better piece to start sewing with than a lovely crinoline lady? She’s paired with vintage hankies and fabric, plus a scrap from the hem of a raggedy 1940s nightdress, and is lined with vintage patchwork. The trim is from another piece of vintage linen, found in the same stash as the crinoline lady herself. And you know what the best part is? There were two crinoline ladies on that piece. I’d better get sewing. ❤

Smiled Upon

Yesterday, I was smiled upon by the vintage linen gods. I got to wade through a huge basket filled with beautifully embroidered tablecloths, napkins, handkerchiefs, pillowcases, etc., decorated with pretty crinoline ladies, cheery birds, and dainty flowers (and even one or two harps – yes harps). Needless to say, I was very happy! I hope you have a lovely weekend!    

A Horse in the House

It’s official: as of yesterday morning, a horse has taken up residence in the house. It was quite unexpected… one minute there was no horse, and the next there was. They’re sneaky like that, you see. She was handmade many years ago, by the sister of a stall holder at our local market. She has been loved and cherished, and spent many an hour racing up and down hallways. Unfortunately, she has never been to the races like Epsom or Ascot because she could never find a hat to accommodate her ears. As you can see, she’s been making herself at home and meeting new friends since arriving. Tino the cat was very impressed with her lovely red hair and fancy collar. She found my mum’s stash of vintage hats and tried a few on for size. But the search for the perfect, ear-accommodating one continues… For now, she’s making do with this one. Merry Christmas!


I’m a doodler, a scribbler, and a pen and pencil monster. Envelopes are my main victims; flowers, stars, and the word ‘hello’ – in lots of different styles of handwriting and sometimes even branching out into different languages (ooh la la!) – are my weapons of choice. One of my favourite things to decorate with doodles used to be, of course, my school books. So it made me smile when I discovered lots of wonderful doodles inside a school atlas from the early 1920s…

Little Works of Art

A parcel arrived in the post yesterday morning. A lovely, old fashioned, all-wrapped-up-in-crisp-brown-paper parcel. It was a nice surprise, seeing as I’d forgotten I had actually ordered anything. Inside was a lovely bundle of vintage beer mats. Ever since coming across a huge box of them at our local market last summer, I’ve had a little bit of a thing for vintage beer mats. A lot of them aren’t particularly interesting, but some of them are just lovely. They are like little works of art. Charming and clever. They are tiny canvasses, only a few inches across. Bold and eye catching, and beautifully designed. There were lots of lovely beer mats inside the parcel, too many to photograph. But this last one is something special. I could stare at it for hours and hours and hours… Isn’t it just the prettiest, most delightful piece of advertising ever? I love it! (It’s not everyday you can say that about a beer mat, is it?) So the next time you’re out enjoying a drink, remember to take …

Faded Summer

Summer has been and gone. It was busy and calm, vibrant and lazy, sunny and rainy. Little adventures were had, treasures hunted, stitches stitched. I will miss it, but I’m excited for autumn. Crisp air. Crunchy leaves. Cozy cups of hot chocolate. This morning, which was cool and chilly and misty, I found a bundle of lovely old photographs at a car boot sale. They made me think of all the photos my mum patiently took and carefully stored when me and my brothers and sister were little. So when I got home, out came the boxes and albums, and with them lots of memories. I made my face sore from laughing and smiling. There are photos of all five of us children, the five of us plus mum or dad (whoever wasn’t holding the camera), my older brothers on boyish adventures, my twin brother and me looking mischievous, me and my little sister all dressed up in fetching costumes – not to mention all of the ones with the wider family and friends. In …