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A Crinoline Lady Bag

A few weeks ago, I was very excited to find a stash of beautiful vintage linens. It got my mind whirring with ideas and my hands itching to get sewing. And what better piece to start sewing with than a lovely crinoline lady? She’s paired with vintage hankies and fabric, plus a scrap from the hem of a raggedy 1940s nightdress, and is lined with vintage patchwork. The trim is from another piece of vintage linen, found in the same stash as the crinoline lady herself. And you know what the best part is? There were two crinoline ladies on that piece. I’d better get sewing. ❤ Advertisements

Little Works of Art

A parcel arrived in the post yesterday morning. A lovely, old fashioned, all-wrapped-up-in-crisp-brown-paper parcel. It was a nice surprise, seeing as I’d forgotten I had actually ordered anything. Inside was a lovely bundle of vintage beer mats. Ever since coming across a huge box of them at our local market last summer, I’ve had a little bit of a thing for vintage beer mats. A lot of them aren’t particularly interesting, but some of them are just lovely. They are like little works of art. Charming and clever. They are tiny canvasses, only a few inches across. Bold and eye catching, and beautifully designed. There were lots of lovely beer mats inside the parcel, too many to photograph. But this last one is something special. I could stare at it for hours and hours and hours… Isn’t it just the prettiest, most delightful piece of advertising ever? I love it! (It’s not everyday you can say that about a beer mat, is it?) So the next time you’re out enjoying a drink, remember to take …


At the market on Saturday, I came across a raggedy cloth doll sitting sadly in a box on the ground. It looked like it had seen better days, but also like it could live to see a few more. So, despite being a little worried about the possibility it might be cursed (it did have a bit of a deranged look about it, with it’s wobbly arms and legs, and it’s floppy head), it came home with me and out came the unpicker.I found all sorts of things inside – sawdust, rags, bits of knitting, yarn, crumpled up paper, and plastic bags. I’m not surprised it didn’t look too well! The fabric pieces were washed and ironed, then stitched back together again. I refilled it with more conventional polyester stuffing this time – not a plastic bag in sight!Strangely, I often find that mending something is more satisfying than making something from scratch. I feel happy to have added to it’s story. So there you have it – mended.

Upcycled Tea Card Tags Tutorial

Last year, I discovered the world of vintage tea cards. I had never heard of them or noticed them before, but ever since I first realised they existed they’ve been popping up all over the place. My favourites are the ones illustrated with flowers or birds, so when I see a bundle for a reasonable price I snap them up for my crafty purposes. And that crafty purpose is usually upcycling them into tags…I like to have a stash of them for pricing items for shows and markets, packaging my Etsy sales, and wrapping gifts. Made in big batches, they’re well worth the time. They couldn’t be simpler to make. If you’d like to make your own, here’s how… What you’ll need: Vintage tea cards Reasonably thick paper, or not-too-thick card (You want enough thickness so that the writing on the backs of tea cards doesn’t show through, but not so much that it makes it difficult to stitch.) Sewing machine (I have a needle set aside for stitching paper as it blunts the point, …

Retro Royalty

This weekend my mum has a stall at the Vintage Nostalgia Show in Wiltshire, and I get to tag along and be her assistant (which, seeing as I love all things vintage, feels more like fun than work). Having made a few black lacy crowns for my online shop, I thought it might be fun to make some more colourful and vibrant (and much less labour-intensive) ones, made from retro fabrics, to take along to sell. Working with bright, bold prints was refreshing and a real treat for the eyes!They’re reversible, which means twice the retro goodness! And now, I think I might just be completely addicted to psychedelic paisleys and groovy florals. Uh-oh…


My work in progress is a work finished. The last bead added, the last stitch stitched. I even managed to find a nice twig to tie the ties to! I am very, very happy with it! There were points when I thought I could never look at another bead ever again, but then they’d shimmer and shine as they caught the light and I quickly changed my mind.  The bottom edge was looking a bit bare – luckily a bag of broken jewellery pieces came to the rescue! And here’s the back… So, that’s one project done. Hmm… which one to do next?

Work in Progress

This is my experiment for the week – a Union Jack wall hanging, made with (of course) lots of lace and vintage fabrics. After a false start on Monday, I began it all over again on Tuesday and am a lot happier with this attempt!There’s still lots of stitching left to do (backing, adding ties, beading…), but hopefully I will have a finished wall hanging to show you very soon.

Welcome Spring!

Why, hello there! *waves* I’m sorry it’s been a while. At first it was one week, then it was two, and suddenly 5 1/2 weeks had gone! Spring has sprung in that time – blossom is blossoming, flowers are flowering, and the sky is actually blue (a very welcome change). In my 5 and a bit weeks away from the blog, I’ve kept up my trips to the market (how can I resist the call of vintage?). On one of these trips, I found a lovely bundle of embroidered napkins. Normally, as you may have noticed, I take a little while to get started with new finds – but when I got home with these napkins the scissors, pins, fabrics, and lace were out straight away, and off I went. I finished the body of the bag in a few days, but slowed right down when it came to the last two stages: the beading and lining (things have a habit of seeming daunting before you start and easy-peasy once you’re finished). I finally stitched …


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been stepping into the unknown. Or sewing into the unknown, really. A few ideas that were just too tempting not to at least try were tried. I’d been thinking about butterfly brooches for a few months, and this is how my first attempt worked out. It’s not my finest handiwork (notice, no photos of the back), so it will be staying with me, but I’m still pleased with the basic design – it has potential! And as I was playing with lace back in November, I thought it might be fun to make a crown… …so I did. But I promise that I have no plans to take over the world. There’s just too much sewing to do…