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So, it’s been almost 4 months since my last post and I’ve been feeling a bit bad for my poor neglected blog. I’ve started posts, gotten half way through and given up, come back a few days later and had no idea where to pick them up again, given up… until now. when I think what I really want to say is simply: hello.  

Seaside Finds

The weather was perfect today for a trip to the seaside. My sister, mum, and I headed to nearby Swanage, and – after gobbling up some scrumptious ice creams (chocolate and ferrero rocher flavour anyone?) – we went for a stroll along the beach, where we found a patchwork of little stories in the sand. There was a heart made of pebbles, broken by the waves… … a rose (one of three that we found scattered along the shore), its ruby red petals dusted with sand. … and a monster patrolling the promenade!

Spring Walk

I love the beginning of spring. Every day, the world grows a little more colourful. It’s a time of contrasts – when the skeletons of trees tower up into the sky and oceans of tiny flowers set the ground alight at their roots. And it’s a time to be outside, witnessing the world as it slowly comes to life. With this in mind, yesterday I headed to the gardens at Kingston Lacy. It’s a place where spring springs beautifully (and just a tiny bit magically). There are flowers blooming everywhere, from avenues lined with cheery daffodils to woodlands filled with bright camellias. Underneath, the moss covered earth was sprinkled with pink petals. And above, the sky was silver. Mum and I had to be careful on our trip – monsters hid in unexpected places, lying in wait for unsuspecting visitors… And some looked very hungry indeed. But thankfully, we made it home to tell the tale!

A Horse in the House

It’s official: as of yesterday morning, a horse has taken up residence in the house. It was quite unexpected… one minute there was no horse, and the next there was. They’re sneaky like that, you see. She was handmade many years ago, by the sister of a stall holder at our local market. She has been loved and cherished, and spent many an hour racing up and down hallways. Unfortunately, she has never been to the races like Epsom or Ascot because she could never find a hat to accommodate her ears. As you can see, she’s been making herself at home and meeting new friends since arriving. Tino the cat was very impressed with her lovely red hair and fancy collar. She found my mum’s stash of vintage hats and tried a few on for size. But the search for the perfect, ear-accommodating one continues… For now, she’s making do with this one. Merry Christmas!

Little Works of Art

A parcel arrived in the post yesterday morning. A lovely, old fashioned, all-wrapped-up-in-crisp-brown-paper parcel. It was a nice surprise, seeing as I’d forgotten I had actually ordered anything. Inside was a lovely bundle of vintage beer mats. Ever since coming across a huge box of them at our local market last summer, I’ve had a little bit of a thing for vintage beer mats. A lot of them aren’t particularly interesting, but some of them are just lovely. They are like little works of art. Charming and clever. They are tiny canvasses, only a few inches across. Bold and eye catching, and beautifully designed. There were lots of lovely beer mats inside the parcel, too many to photograph. But this last one is something special. I could stare at it for hours and hours and hours… Isn’t it just the prettiest, most delightful piece of advertising ever? I love it! (It’s not everyday you can say that about a beer mat, is it?) So the next time you’re out enjoying a drink, remember to take …

Faded Summer

Summer has been and gone. It was busy and calm, vibrant and lazy, sunny and rainy. Little adventures were had, treasures hunted, stitches stitched. I will miss it, but I’m excited for autumn. Crisp air. Crunchy leaves. Cozy cups of hot chocolate. This morning, which was cool and chilly and misty, I found a bundle of lovely old photographs at a car boot sale. They made me think of all the photos my mum patiently took and carefully stored when me and my brothers and sister were little. So when I got home, out came the boxes and albums, and with them lots of memories. I made my face sore from laughing and smiling. There are photos of all five of us children, the five of us plus mum or dad (whoever wasn’t holding the camera), my older brothers on boyish adventures, my twin brother and me looking mischievous, me and my little sister all dressed up in fetching costumes – not to mention all of the ones with the wider family and friends. In …

Inside of upcycled notebook, made from a vintage 1930s book cover. Upcycled recycled repurposed. Old book cover craft idea. Upcycled journal.

An Old Book Made New

On a trip to the market a little while ago, I bought some vintage books from one of the stalls. Most were pretty worse for wear (I like worse for wear things, worse for wear translates as “long and interesting life” in my mind), and as I was leaving the stall holder handed me an even more worse for wear book. He said he would have just thrown it away at the end of the day otherwise. I’ll be honest, over the last few months I’ve wondered if I should just throw it away (at the recycling centre, obviously). But I didn’t. And I’m very glad I didn’t. Because now it is an old book made new.It’s got lots of recycled paper inside, taken from old notebooks and sketchbooks and shopping bags… … all stitched to the spine. The spine is reinforced with a scrap of vintage paisley fabric (and Mod Podge). So, thank you Mr Stallholder. And I hope this little book doesn’t need to be thrown away for a long time yet…


Around our garden, the roses have bloomed into beautiful life. Some are still on their way… … and others are looking a little worse for wear. A few have even appeared in my sewing… Have a lovely weekend!