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Larmer Tree 2016

Over the last few years July has come to mean Larmer Tree Festival time and this year was no exception. The vintage market was back in the global bazaar for its fourth year and we had a lovely few days. It was cloudy and rainy and sunny (sometimes all in one morning), but whatever the weather was doing outside the marquee looked fantastic inside as always.

At one point I got a little carried away with decorating myself with temporary tattoos, because I’m not that brave with fashion statements and I figured I could get into the festival spirit by wearing pretty pictures instead of dressing up. They’re so much nicer than the temporary tattoos that used to come in packets of sweets when I was little – I remember having a very naff tattoo of Spider-Man on my arm circa 2002. Luckily 2016 has prettier options.

Outside of our vintage marquee bubble there was lots going on as usual. It’s a really lovely little(ish) festival filled with interesting people, sights, and sounds. You never know what you might find when you’re out and about!

It seems strange that it’s all over for another year, but it is nice to be back home with all the comforts of indoor living again. I’m already looking forward to next year!

p.s. I’m sorry there’s been the sound of crickets chirping here for the last 9 months. The longer it got, the harder it seemed to write a post. But I figured I’d just try and dive back in this time without thinking about it too much. There’s some catching up to do!




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