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Seaside Finds

The weather was perfect today for a trip to the seaside. My sister, mum, and I headed to nearby Swanage, and – after gobbling up some scrumptious ice creams (chocolate and ferrero rocher flavour anyone?) – we went for a stroll along the beach, where we found a patchwork of little stories in the sand.

There was a heart made of pebbles, broken by the waves…

Partially washed away heart made of pebbles on the beach at Swanage, Dorset. Beach art. Stone and pebble heart.

… a rose (one of three that we found scattered along the shore), its ruby red petals dusted with sand.

Rose washed up on the beach, Swanage, Dorset. Sea rose. Red rose on the sand. Beach finds.

… and a monster patrolling the promenade!

Toy dinosaur on the promenade in Swanage, Dorset. Jurassic coast. Seaside finds. Beachcombing finds.



  1. poppytump says

    I feel a little celebration had been a – happening down by the shore line Pippin !
    Do like how you captured the ruby rose there particularly .

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