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Paper Characters

The last few weeks, between selling at vintage markets and working part-time in a shop, I’ve been unable to go to the bustling local flea market where I usually find a lot of my materials/stock. It’s a few minutes walk from my house and not being able to go has been driving me a little bit mad – so near and yet so far! But this morning – finally and thankfully – I got to go treasure hunting.

I had a great time rummaging through cardboard boxes full of vintage linens and inspecting table tops crammed with bric-a-brac, and found a respectable stash of vintage goodies to keep me happy for a good while.

One find was very small but no less happy-making for it – a little group of whimsical Victorian ladies.

Vintage paper cut out Victorian ladies. Whimsical Victorian costume fashion illustrations. Antique die cuts.

They all look like they’re enjoying themselves in their own little worlds and they brim with playful character.

Vintage die cut of a Victorian lady. Paper cut out. Whimsical, pretty, dainty, antique style.

Paper cut out Victorian style lady. Vintage paper craft supplies. Whimsical style.

For now they’ve found a new home in my paper ephemera box, waiting for future projects in need of a character or two.

In the meantime, I’m hoping it won’t be quite so many weeks before I get to go a-marketing again…



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