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Spring Walk

I love the beginning of spring. Every day, the world grows a little more colourful.

It’s a time of contrasts – when the skeletons of trees tower up into the sky and oceans of tiny flowers set the ground alight at their roots.

And it’s a time to be outside, witnessing the world as it slowly comes to life.

With this in mind, yesterday I headed to the gardens at Kingston Lacy. It’s a place where spring springs beautifully (and just a tiny bit magically).

Flowers in the gardens at Kingston Lacy, Dorset, England. Early spring flowers in an English walled garden.

Bookshop in the grounds of Kingston Lacy gardens, Dorset, England.

Daffodils in March. Avenue of daffodils and snowdrops in the gardens at Kingston Lacy, Dorset.


Photo courtesy of the lovely Mama Pippin – thanks mum!

There are flowers blooming everywhere, from avenues lined with cheery daffodils to woodlands filled with bright camellias.


Underneath, the moss covered earth was sprinkled with pink petals.

A carpet of pink petals on the ground at Kingston Lacy. Forest floor covered in pink petals.

And above, the sky was silver.

Chamellias in the gardens at Kingston Lacy.

Pink chamellia in front of trees, Kingston Lacy.

Mum and I had to be careful on our trip – monsters hid in unexpected places, lying in wait for unsuspecting visitors…


And some looked very hungry indeed.


But thankfully, we made it home to tell the tale!



    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 The monsters were quite friendly really… especially when they were given handfuls of food!

  1. poppytump says

    Love your Spring post Pippin ! That is a super shot of daffodils alongside the path … I can appreciate how tricky it is to achieve this angle . Muddy knees perchance ?

    • Thanks Poppy! 🙂 I managed to avoid (only just) muddy knees… my boots however needed a good clean when we got home!

    • The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind can it… warm and sunny days are followed by cold and grey days, and then back again! But at least the flowers have decided it’s definitely spring! 🙂

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