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Why hello there and happy new year to you (even if it isn’t particularly new anymore)!

January seems to have flown by. I can assure you my vintage treasure antennae have been keeping busy, and although I haven’t been doing as much sewing as I’d like to have – or should have been doing – I do have a few projects and ideas running wild inside my head, and can feel a sewing binge coming along…

One thing that inspired some of these ideas was a quick trip down to Cornwall earlier on in the month with my mum. The weather was mostly grey, wet, and windy (very, very windy), but then that’s January for you! We only went for a few days, but it was refreshing to be away from home and out and about exploring.

We wanted to travel on a budget, so we stayed in a youth hostel which was the perfect base for said exploring. It was right on the coast, so we had a fantastic view at breakfast time.

Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall, UK. Cornish coast in winter.

Mama Pippin in the distance. Person on beach. Winter coast. Cornish seaside in January. Grey sky and rough sea.

Feather sticking out of the sand. Winter beach walk. The coast in January.

On our first full day, the weather was pretty miserable. It rained and rained and rained, and then rained some more for good measure. We made good use of it, hopping round a couple of towns in search of vintage treasures. We found lots of goodies, including some pretty fabrics and linens which are being put to good use.

In the doorway of one of charity shops we visited, there was a beautiful mosaic. Although my camera didn’t come out very often on that day (it really was wet), I couldn’t resist taking a pic.

Pretty mosaic tiles outside a charity shop in Liskeard, Cornwall.

And I also couldn’t resist a shot of a very sombre looking sea…

Beach at Looe, Cornwall, in January. Rainy beach.

The next day we headed up to Tintagel. After taking refuge in a lovely cafe during a sleety shower (which may also have involved eating some scrumptious chocolate brownie), mum and I headed out for a walk up to the church and along the coast.

Scrumptious brownie at a cafe in Tintagel

Stained glass window inside Tintagel church, Cornwall, UK.

Looking back at Tintagel church, heading along the coastal path, Cornwall, UK.

There was a beautiful feeling of calm inside the church. The wind howled and whistled round it eerily, but it truly felt like the safest place on earth. I didn’t really want to leave. However, I’m very glad I did…

Coastline at Tintagel, Cornwall, UK. Winter walk in January.

Photobombed by a bird in Tintagel, Cornwall, UK.

Photobombed by a bird!

Stream on a walk along the coast at Tintagel, Cornwall, UK.

On the walk back up to the village, there was plenty of ivy, lichens, and tangled branches to admire. I was particularly taken with this patch of ivy on a fence post, because the barbed wire underneath it looked just like it had grown alongside the ivy and become part of the vine (or maybe that’s just me?)…

Ivy growing on a fence post. Sewing textile art inspiration.

After stopping off for lunch in the same cafe we’d had our brownies in, we headed down to Padstow (which was only a few miles off route on the journey back to the hostel). The town itself was very quiet, but we set off for a walk along the beach to keep ourselves amused.

Boats in Padstow harbour, Corwnall.

Sandy shoes at the beach.

Sandy shoes!

Footprints in the sand, on a beach in Cornwall.

We headed back to Dorset the next day, the car filled with sandy shoes, muddy boots, and a stash of vintage finds. And of course, we brought back lots of memories too.

It really was a lovely trip.




  1. Oh what a great trip, except for the rain. All of the photos are lovely, but I especially like the feather in the sand, the photobombing bird and the ivy and barbed wire. Isn’t it magical when you go into a place, like the church and feel safe and protected. Nice to see your posts again. Best, Ki,

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