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A Horse in the House

It’s official: as of yesterday morning, a horse has taken up residence in the house. It was quite unexpected… one minute there was no horse, and the next there was. They’re sneaky like that, you see.

Vintage handmade hobby horse toy.

She was handmade many years ago, by the sister of a stall holder at our local market. She has been loved and cherished, and spent many an hour racing up and down hallways. Unfortunately, she has never been to the races like Epsom or Ascot because she could never find a hat to accommodate her ears.

Vintage handmade hobby horse making friends with Tino the cat.

As you can see, she’s been making herself at home and meeting new friends since arriving. Tino the cat was very impressed with her lovely red hair and fancy collar.

Hobby horse in a vintage hat. Handmade hobby horse in vintage blue hat. Silly pink vintage hat on handmade hobby horse.

She found my mum’s stash of vintage hats and tried a few on for size. But the search for the perfect, ear-accommodating one continues…

Festive Christmas hobby horse.

For now, she’s making do with this one.

Merry Christmas!



  1. Oh, she’s gorgeous! She definitely has a “hat face” – they all look good. Must ask – if she does find a suitable hat, will she get to go to Ascot?? And does she have a name?

    • She does have a “hat face”, doesn’t she? Sadly, even if we find a hat I think she’ll have to make do with watching Ascot on the TV… at least she’ll look fabulous! 😉 No name yet – I should really have asked the lady I bought her from if she already had one!

  2. poppytump says

    Isn’t she just fabulous ! Very merry looking and I already sense she’ll enjoy her new home 🙂
    Happy Christmas Pippin … I’ll look forward to seeing your more of your vintage treasures and finds and craft projects come 2015 .

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