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Retro Royalty

This weekend my mum has a stall at the Vintage Nostalgia Show in Wiltshire, and I get to tag along and be her assistant (which, seeing as I love all things vintage, feels more like fun than work). Having made a few black lacy crowns for my online shop, I thought it might be fun to make some more colourful and vibrant (and much less labour-intensive) ones, made from retro fabrics, to take along to sell. Working with bright, bold prints was refreshing and a real treat for the eyes!Fabric head crowns, made with vintage retro fabrics. Retro fabric craft idea. Reversible retro fabric crowns. Upcycled retro fabrics. Purple, orange, pink, paisley print.They’re reversible, which means twice the retro goodness! Side of retro fabric crown. Made with upcycled seventies paisley fabric. Vintage fabric. Purple, pink, blue, and white.Purple, pink, blue, and white paisley 1970s or 1960s retro fabric. Retro fabric crown.And now, I think I might just be completely addicted to psychedelic paisleys and groovy florals. Uh-oh…



    • Thanks! It looks like it should be great. Lots and lots of vintage stuff everywhere… can’t go wrong really! 🙂

  1. poppytump says

    Oh you ARE going to have fun Pippin …. want to see loads of photos mind 😉
    Have a super time .. do hope the weather picks up for it all .

    • I did indeed have fun, and the weather actually turned out to be quite nice! 🙂 I was completely stupid though and forgot my camera (I took it out of my bag to charge the battery and only remembered half way to the show… d’oh!). Luckily my mum had packed her little camera, so I got a few snaps… they’re not fantastic, but they’ll do. And the moral of the story is: always charge the battery the night before!

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