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Bluebells After Rain

Spring is bluebell time of year. They pop up everywhere, heads bowing gently to the ground. Our front garden is awash with them, shining their purple and pink. I’d kept meaning to take photos of them, but kept finding something else to do instead. Until one day last week. It rained and rained and rained all morning and early afternoon, but when it finally stopped the sky turned a beautiful blue and the sun blazed. On went the wellington boots, out came the camera, and finally some photos were taken! SAM_0142Raindrops clung to them, glistening in the sunlight. SAM_0134SAM_0137SAM_0125I do love the pink ones, breaking up the sea of purple. SAM_0149Though there is nothing wrong with a sea of purple… SAM_0152… nothing wrong at all!



    • Thank you Cheryl! It’s lovely when spring finally arrives, bringing with it beautiful flowers and longer, warmer days.

  1. poppytump says

    You’ve captured them very delicately Pip ! Lovely sight .

    • Thank you Poppy! I had great fun trying to keep my balance and hold still… there were quite a few blurry ones!

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