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To My Dear Son

At a local car boot sale bright and early this morning, my eyes (inevitably) were drawn to a bundle of vintage postcards. At £3.00 for 36 I (inevitably) bought them, and just as I was about to move along to the next stall this lovely thing caught my eye… Embroidered first world war postcard. To my dear son. Union Jack design.Union Jack detail from a First World War embroidered postcard. British flag. It’s a beautiful embroidered postcard, from the time of the First World War. Inside the pocket is a little card with a small message. Pocket of an embroidered postcard from the First World War.First World War card, saying: "My thoughts are always with you."It was never sent. I don’t know if that was for a good reason or a bad reason or no reason at all. It may simply have got lost. Things have a habit of getting lost.

But I’m sure the dear son knew he was not forgotten.





    • “Wow” was the first word that came to mind when I caught sight of it! It’s like a little piece of history.

  1. poppytump says

    What a special memento that is Pippin. It always amazes me that something so precious turns up in a thrift shop or flea market .. I suppose there is an and of the line for everything though. The colours are still so bright and fresh .. wonderful.

    • The colours are so beautiful, especially considering how old it is! It is one special postcard. I know what you mean about where things end up… as much as I do love finding little treasures, there is a real sense sometimes that something has lost it’s home.

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