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Welcome Spring!

Why, hello there! *waves*

I’m sorry it’s been a while. At first it was one week, then it was two, and suddenly 5 1/2 weeks had gone! Spring has sprung in that time – blossom is blossoming, flowers are flowering, and the sky is actually blue (a very welcome change).

In my 5 and a bit weeks away from the blog, I’ve kept up my trips to the market (how can I resist the call of vintage?). On one of these trips, I found a lovely bundle of embroidered napkins. Normally, as you may have noticed, I take a little while to get started with new finds – but when I got home with these napkins the scissors, pins, fabrics, and lace were out straight away, and off I went.

I finished the body of the bag in a few days, but slowed right down when it came to the last two stages: the beading and lining (things have a habit of seeming daunting before you start and easy-peasy once you’re finished). I finally stitched the last bead on today, and here is the finished bag!

SAM_9981 SAM_9988I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and did a lot of smiling while I was taking photos of it in the sunshine surrounded by blossom. I took a few close-ups too…

Close-up of beading on bag made with vintage materials.

The not-so-scary beading.

Vintage fabric lining for bag made with vintage lace, embroidery, and fabrics.

Finally lined!

Vintage embroidery made into a bag with vintage lace and fabrics.

The vintage embroidery.

I hope to make a few in a similar style for my Etsy shop (I think a black lace/plaid bag is most definitely called for), but this one is staying right here with me. I’ve grown attached to it over the weeks(!), and I think it will be perfect for the long, sunny (fingers-crossed) evenings ahead.

In the meantime, I look forward to catching up with all the things I missed on wordpress while I was away!



    • Mel me dear, I think you’ll have to come round for an afternoon of sewing! 🙂 p.s. I haven’t eaten all the chocolate yet!

  1. poppytump says

    Well done with that Pip ! Very summery . Love the little embroidered daisies on the napkin ..

    • Thank you Poppy! 🙂 The flowers are lovely aren’t they? I have a few napkins left, so you might see them pop up in future projects…

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