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From a Paper Bag

My enthusiasm for vintage things is inspired by my mum. She has a knack for finding old and interesting items that’s hard to match, and I have lots of fun helping her with her stall at a local vintage market. So when she presented me with a paper bag the other day, I knew there was something good inside. And there most definitely was…SAM_9000 Lots and lots of old photos! Mostly from the 1940s, they are really lovely snapshots – and I can’t help but wonder what the story behind each one is… SAM_9003SAM_9014SAM_9018As well as photos, there are other little bits of ephemera like tickets, etc. I especially like the one in the centre – though the lady doesn’t look particularly happy to be on a pair of scales!SAM_9024As much as I would like to, I won’t be able to keep all of them. But probably enough to keep me quiet for a few days…



  1. I think there is something special about old photographs – perhaps because you always wonder if you are looking at the only copy in existence. With digital photos you know the chances are there are loads of copies to be kept for ever more.

    • I agree there is something special about old photos. In a way, there’s something almost sad about them as well – I can’t help feeling that they’ve lost their true homes when I see them at markets. But they do make good craft materials!

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