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There is one colour that sums up January this year, and that colour is grey. The murky grey of the rivers that have spilled over into soggy fields, the steady, greenish grey of the sea, and the ever changing grey of the clouds – sometimes silvery and sometimes steely, and sometimes even lined with gold. SunBehindGrassIn its own way, the greyness is beautiful. But I am hoping for a more colourful February.



  1. Oh you are so right. January has been grey, wet and rather chill. But your image has captured those lovely pearly greys that have been around in the mornings as I’ve set off for work. And not to be too harsh on January, it has produced some fabulous sun rises.

    • There is something a bit magical about the way the sun lights up a grey sky when it’s rising or setting (though I’ll be honest, I’ve mostly only seen the settings ;)). It makes up for all the rain!

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