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Tins O’ Clock

Vintage tin decorated with bluebird. Scratched and rusty.

I love tins. In the kitchen, they’re a clue that something yummy – if not entirely good for you – is near. But in other rooms, there’s no knowing what you might find inside. In our house, it’s usually something crafty like lace or buttons or interesting scraps of fabric.

So – as they’re so useful, you see – there’s clearly no reason to restrain myself when I spot a particularly pretty one. Really. Vintage tin decorated with bluebird. Scratched and rusty.A lovely, if worse for wear, blue bird! Given a bit of care and attention, I think it will be perfect for storing lace. As will this one, though it shouldn’t need any TLC… Vintage tin, decorated with birds.And this last tin made me smile. Found on a grey and gloomy Saturday morning a few weeks ago, it added a little bit of nostalgic sunshine. Vintage tin, with nutcracker style decorations.Vintage tin decoration detail.I’m sure this horse is skateboarding… Vintage tin decoration detail.The tin radar can probably take a little break now. I think it’s earned it!



  1. poppytump says

    Oh I do love the Blue Bird tin … and I’m now wondering whether it held Blue Bird toffees at one time .
    Looks like Chinoiserie …
    … and I’m smiling @ skateboarding horse 🙂

  2. Gypsy Kiltbomb says

    With the curved wings and deeply-forked tail, that bluebird just might be a swallow. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! The first bird tin, really makes my heart sing. I also love all the lovely bright colors in the second one and the skateboarding horse cracks me up. It also for some reason, I think the nutcracker – reminds me of being in Germany for the Christmas markets – very special memories for me. You have a lovely collection!

    • The nutcracker tin made me think of German Christmas markets too, but I’ve only seen them in pictures or on t.v. so far. I would love to go to one in real life – they look amazing!

      • The markets are the most magical thing to experience if you love Christmas as much as I do. Those memories will forever remain with me. My first trip to Germany and it snowed and the music was playing and it was just happy happy – especially since I had never been away from home and my parents on Christmas day and I was homesick. Love those tins.

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