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A Raven

A raven ornament seemed like the perfect thing to make at this spooky time of year. He’s hung proudly in my window, ready to guard the house against any ghostly goings on over the next few days.

But ravens mean a little more to me than any other animal, despite their slightly dark reputation.A handmade raven ornament.Ravens and my family go back a long way. My surname is derived from the Latin for the bird genus ravens belong to (corvus). It was first recorded in Normandy in France, and thought to have originally been a nickname for someone with dark hair. Family legend has it that one of my dad’s ancestors was a Norman knight that came over to England with William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings, bearing the banner of the raven. It may be just legend, but I like to believe it’s true. SAM_4803So, my raven will be staying up long after Halloween.

I promise to keep it away from Hastings.



  1. Love the old English superstitions surrounding rooks, ravens and crows. My next novelette, ‘One For The Rook’ will be published on Thursday and it features a rookery! Lovely little raven, might have to have a go a making one of these myself ;o)

  2. What a fascinating story – true or not. I’m a big fan of ravens/crows – even though they aren’t so popular with most folks. Your ornament is lovely, the colors are fabulous. BTW love your new banner at the top. xokim

    • Thank you, Kim – I’d been meaning to make a proper banner for ages, and finally got round to it! It’s always intrigued me that the crow family have such a bad reputation. We have crows that visit our garden and line up on the washing line – they look so funny trying to balance on it! 🙂

  3. Mischa SkinnyDog and I were shouted at by a crow this morning while out walking on the moor. He flew above our heads for a while throwing insults then swooped away. He wasn’t as beautiful as your raven but he may well have had press-stud eyes.

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