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Ghost Stories

The long, cold nights of autumn and winter are perfect for ghost stories. Some are slightly spooky, some are terrifying – generally, they are all entertaining.

Working with vintage sometimes feels like working with ghost stories (though a little less scary, perhaps). Old photos, antique postcards, worn books. It’s hard not to feel sad that the people in the pictures, the people who wrote the postcards or scribbled their name in the front of the book, are likely no longer alive. I would love to hear them tell their stories. Were they happy? Where did they feel at home?

A portrait.

A portrait.

A day trip.

A day trip.

An update.

An update.

And it makes me think: what stories will I leave behind?



  1. So nice to see a bit of us remains behind when we leave – gone but not completely forgotten. I love old postcards.

    • It’s a comfort, I find. I would just love to know who some of the people in photographs were… and whether they mind me making things with them!

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