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Bright and early this morning, in the very windy wind and the very rainy rain, my mum and I headed off to a nearby town for a spot of treasure hunting. It’s our start of the week treat, and we always manage to come away with at least one or two lovely things. This week was no exception, though for a while it looked like it might have been.

We went from shop to shop – umbrella down, umbrella back up again – not really finding anything interesting. Maybe we just weren’t looking hard enough. But we felt a little sorry for ourselves anyway, so went and got some cups of steaming hot tea (ok, and cake), and sat and nattered, watching people bustling along in the rain, wondering what shops were left to go to. One of the shops left was Oxfam – one of their charity shops which is books only – and I’m very glad we remembered it. There is nothing like a bookshop when it’s cold and wet outside.

And inside, I came across this enchanting little book about love, by Joan Walsh Anglund.SAM_4559Unsurprisingly, I love it!SAM_4561SAM_4588 SAM_4583I love its truthful words. I love its beautiful illustrations. I love that it is small and simple.

"Love is the happy way we feel when we save a bird that has been hurt, or feed a lost cat..."

“Love is the happy way we feel when we save a bird that has been hurt, or feed a lost cat…”

Oh, and I love bookshops on rainy days!

I hope you have a lovely, lovely week!



    • They’re such lovely illustrations, very whimsical and so evocative of childhood. They take me straight back to all the hours of reading with my mum… oh, I love books!

  1. What a lovely book – if only books for adults all had illustrations in! We have a large and wonderful Oxfam bookshop here in Farnham but I have to ration going in as I never leave empty handed and I have a stack of books at home waiting to be read.

    • There’s always something to find in an Oxfam bookshop! I also have to be careful not to go in too many times… shelves full of temptation!

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