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Autumn is…

Autumn trees, in Dorset, England.

It’s a beautiful clear and cold day today. The wind is roaring, the sun is shining, and the air is chilly and crisp. It makes a nice change from the muggy, not warm but not cold weather of the last couple of weeks, and it’s got me excited about autumn and all its familiar comforts. Autumn trees, in Dorset, England.Autumn is colourful leaves and falling leaves. Autumn is long walks in wellies, wrapped up warm. Autumn is the perfect excuse to add to your scarf collection, and to show off the ones you already own. It is food (especially apples and berries and chestnuts). An apple on our apple tree.It is bonfires and fireworks, and starry, starry nights. It is the world slowly winding down and down until it can’t be wound down anymore, until the trees are bare, until the darkness can’t start any earlier or end any later. Sometimes, autumn is scary, and you long for spring instead. But mostly, autumn is gentle. Autumn sun through the autumn leaves, in Dorset, England.And it is beautiful.

P.S. The winner of the blackbird brooch giveaway is *insert drum roll here* mandymunroe! Thank you to everyone who commented.



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