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An Adventure in France

Mountains in the morning, in the Pyrenees.

At the beginning of September, my family and I headed off to the south of France for a week. And it was a very, very good week.

We stayed in a little village in a beautiful region called Pyrenees-Orientales, right down in the south of France, on the border with Spain. It’s a region with its own identity within France, and we were surrounded by red and yellow flags fluttering proudly in all the towns and villages. We were also surrounded by mountains – so many that they deserve their very own post. But here’s a little peek (or peak if you like puns) at the view from our villa… Mountains in the morning, in the Pyrenees. I may just have had a really bad case of “tourist goggles”, but from every angle the area looked stunning. The landscape was green and lush, the towns and villages were picturesque, and the Mediterranean sparkled with a lovely, deep blue (not grey!).LaRoque LaRoque2The seaside town of Collioure was beautiful, and the perfect place to enjoy ice creams in the sunshine…  OverlookingCollioure IceCream@CollioureBoats@Collieur…and steaming cups of tea in the rain a few days later. Overcast sky over Collioure.One our last full day, my mum and I managed to fit in a trip round the markets of Perpignan. We found some lovely treasures – postcards, old books, embroidery, a gorgeously flowery tray, and some retro dresses. Vintage finds from the market and car boot sale in Perpignan.And we also found this rather fetching fellow, clambering over the books on one of the stalls. He belonged to the stall-holders, and I got to have a (very wriggly) cuddle. Kitten at a market stall in Perpignan.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t wait to go back one day and explore the area more thoroughly and more slowly. One week was not enough!

For the next post, it’s into the mountains…



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  2. poppytump says

    Ah Pippin I’m just catching up … and look what I have missed !
    Super photos of your trip and fancy … lovely French markets 🙂 No doubt you’ll be sharing your treasures here on your blog soon …
    Visited Collioure some yrs ago we camped nearby close to a little crystal clear cove which was wonderful for snorkeling … Glad you enjoyed the Pyrenees – a beautiful part of France

    • Hello Poppy! It truly was beautiful. And the French certainly know a thing or two about markets… lots and lots of goodies to be found! It’s a good thing we went on our last day and that I’d already spent most of my money on pain au chocolats though… I wouldn’t have had any room left in my suitcase to bring back my clothes otherwise!

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