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A Collection of Old Postcards

Vintage flower postcards.

Small, pocket-sized, succinct, petit: postcards. They’re the perfect way to tell your friends and family what you’ve been up to on your travels, and the perfect size to fit snugly and safely into a drawer. Alongside the postcards I’ve received, I seem to have amassed a collection of vintage postcards on my travels around the car boot sales and markets of Dorset. Some I would like to recycle into something new, others are too lovely to be changed. All have a story to tell. Vintage early 1900s postcard. Flower girl.3 vintage postcards. Scenes around Britain.Vintage flower postcards.I love all the different dances on these postcards. I have never danced a water dance, but the next time I’m at the seaside… Vintage postcards. Ethereal, mystical, magical. The water dance. The sunlight dance. The wind dance. Ethereal and mystical vintage postcards.Maybe it’s very nosy, but I wonder why Sophia couldn’t go out on Friday? A neat little note on a vintage postcard.A lovely little poem and a beautiful border – I couldn’t have not bought it. A beautiful vintage postcard.And as I’m collecting lots of postcards, it’s only fair that I send lots of postcards. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a holiday!



  1. How delightful! A Beautiful collection. I too am wondering why Sophia couldn’t go out on Friday. Poor Herbert. Wonder if she made Saturday and where they went?!

  2. poppytump says

    Lovely Pippin . Always very exciting when a postcard dropped on to the door mat I remember .. far off destinations with strange stamps, and then lovely English holiday seaside pictures ….
    Love reading the backs of old postcards too šŸ˜‰

    • They’re just too intriguing not to read, aren’t they? Snippets of people’s lives from another time, each with their own little story. šŸ™‚

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