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Larmer Tree

The vintage tent at Larmer Tree.

On Sunday night, driving home through the small, winding lanes of Dorset, the sky was lit with lightning. Weeks and weeks of sunshine broken with a cascade of electricity and brooding thunder. It looked and sounded how my brain felt: frazzled.

Sleep deprivation, very sore and dusty feet, unhealthy food (and drink), too much money spent – I had a great time at Larmer Tree! And over the 5 long – long, long, long, long, long – days of trading lots and lots of vintage items found lovely new homes. The vintage tent at Larmer Tree.The tent looked fantastic filled with all the wares of fellow traders from Boscombe Vintage Market. Unfortunately, my photos from inside the tent were mostly rubbish (oops). But, worry not! Lots of interesting things were happening out and about, and I managed to get a few decent photos of these instead.

On the first night, a friend and I ventured out into the dark, cameras in hand, to take some snaps of the twinkling lights around the festival. I had fun messing around with the length of exposure, especially as the camera was hand held by my unable-to-hold-still self. I ended up with lots of wiggly, ghostly lines through the air – which I quite like, even if they are a bit psychedelic! Fire display in the flag circe, Larmer Tree.Long exposure on the camera gone a little wrong!I got a little bored with the length of exposure on the one above. Can you tell? Stalls at night, Larmer Tree.We also went for a little meander during the day. Pretty architecture in the Larmer Tree Gardens. British, English, London red bus, turned into a cafe.Is it a bus? Is it a cafe? It’s both! All aboard! Foxgloves. Pink flowers.GlitteryFireplaceFestiveFaces@LarmerAnd did I mention the unhealthy (delicious) food? Queen of Tarts.In the Artist’s Quarter I found a lovely stall filled with beautiful jewellery, made from unique vintage bits and pieces. They’re called Forage and Find. I bought a few rings… SAM_2397And, of course, there was some great music. SeasickSteveKTTunstallSo, that was the week that was. It was great fun, and a great success.




    • Thank you! The bus cafe was amazing. We went and sat on the top deck to drink our drinks… it was definitely warm up there in the sweltering afternoon sunshine!

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