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Roses Running Wild

So, for a month I have been running wild and officially neglecting my blog. I  promise I’ve been being good, but when it’s come to sitting down and writing I’ve been severely lacking any umph or get up and go (sit down and go?).

But it seems I’m not the only thing that’s been running wild over the last four weeks. In our garden, roses have been blooming in an explosion of petals and colour all over the place. They’ve shined in the sunshine, and shimmered when it’s been grey. Always, they make me smile. I hope you like them too.SAM_1736SAM_1725SAM_1729SAM_1741 SAM_1751SAM_1672SAM_2194 SAM_2176And I’ve got a little more running wild to do over the next week. I’m off for 5 days to the Larmer Tree Festival, helping my mum with her vintage stall. I’m taking along my camera and will hopefully have lots and lots and lots of photos to share with you.

So, I will see you when I get back. And this time it might be a little sooner than four weeks!



  1. poppytump says

    Fantastic rampant rambling roses Pippin 😉
    Vintage Stall … sounds VERY much like a photo opportunity …. Enjoy and report back . Pronto Lol x

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