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Old Book Page Gift Bags

Recycled gift bags, made with old book pages. Craft ideas for vintage book pages. Recycled packaging.

In a few weeks time I will be doing my very first solo craft fair. The organisational reality of this dawned on me (reality never seems to dawn at a convenient time) at one o’ clock in the morning yesterday, forcing me to get out of bed and write a few things-to-do/remember down. SAM_1502At first I was struck by how much I needed to remember, then confused at how my handwriting was neater at one in the morning than it usually is at one in the afternoon, and then I had a little idea. Because although reality dawns at inconvenient times, ideas have a habit of doing so as well.Recycled gift bags, made with old book pages. Craft ideas for vintage book pages. Recycled packaging.Gift bags from old book pages! Really simple, really quick, and – even if I do say so myself – really pretty.Old encyclopaedia pages.The number of books that get dumped at our local tip (i.e. the recycling centre) is disheartening. People throw them in the paper skip, and when the skip is full it’s taken off to be pulped (it’s best not to think about how many beautiful books are likely to be hidden away in them…). But the guys working at our tip are enthusiastic about recycling in all it’s weird and wonderful forms, so my mum and me often get to leave with a nice selection of books for our crafty purposes. Old book pages, recycled into gift bags.And all those old book pages have come in very handy! If you want to make your own, it couldn’t be simpler: just fold an average-size page in half and sew down two of the edges, tying up the loose threads at the end. Or you could sew two book pages together down three sides for bigger bags. The possibilities are endless! SAM_1466SAM_1472I think I’ll be optimistic about the craft fair and make myself a few more…



  1. Looking forward to hearing about your first solo craft fair, and hoping you have a really good day. The book illustrations are pretty – I wish a few would get dumped around here.:-)

    • Thank you! I will take lots of photos and be sure to do a write up about it! 🙂 The flowery pages came from a huge book of flower illustrations my mum found – the middle pages were warped and marked so I’m using those ones for crafty projects, but the other pages were absolutely fine! I think a few of them might end up framed and dotted around the house…

  2. The gift bags look wonderful as does your little owl peeping out. Good luck with your fair, my advice is to remember to wear comfortable shoes!!!

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