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Maguire, the Bow Tie, and the Dilemma

This story starts with a cat. A very splendid cat, who wears a rather dashing bow tie. And this story also starts with a girl. A girl who’s always on the lookout for little vintage finds to clean up and sell on. But this girl – me, myself, and I – has done something very silly. I gave the cat a name. SAM_1112This is Maguire. He’s a vision of green and red, plus a charming bow tie . When I found him he was looking a little skinny, but now he’s as plump and rounded as any cat cushion could wish for.

And now I have a dilemma. SAM_1122You see, I’m very tempted to keep Maguire. I feel like he would fit in well with all our real cats. I imagine, for example, he’d be just as good as they are at sleeping on piles of clean washing. Maguire the toy cat and Cinnamon the real cat.But if I keep everything I’m ever tempted to keep it won’t be long before all I have is lots of (very lovely) stuff cluttering the floor, falling out of cupboards, sitting in drawers, and hiding in boxes. Not only is that not great in terms of messiness, it’s not really the point (or my point) of searching for vintage and second-hand treasures.

Polish it, patch it, clean it – or, in the case of Maguire, fatten it up – then find it a lovely new home. A dashing bow tie.And although Maguire is very sweet and I would love to keep him, I think somewhere there is a home and a chair in need of him and his bow tie. I’m sure he will find them.SAM_1132And in the future I will try my very hardest not to give unusual names to cat cushions…



  1. Maguire is adorable, hope he finds a lovely home and a chair to warm. That real cat looks so smug and matter-of-fact as he gazez down on Maquire.

    • I hope so too! Cinnamon is very good at looking smug… I think it’s all the hours of sleeping, eating, and just generally relaxing!

    • It really is! I knew as I was coming up with names that it probably wasn’t the best idea ever, but he’s just so sweet he couldn’t not have one!

  2. My son once gave a roast chicken I had bought a name and chatted to “Bob” all the way home. Of course, I couldn’t eat him after that! He is a very sweet cat and I can see why you want to keep him. šŸ™‚

  3. My partner names every pie he makes. We never have any trouble eating them though!
    I like Maguire. I’m sure he’ll find a home without too much trouble. Cats are like that.

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