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Cardboard Tube Notebook Tutorial

Kitchen roll tube notebook. Craft project for cardboard tubes

Cardboard and crafting go hand in hand. It was what I was let loose on when I was little, and I built everything from a pencil holder to a fairy theatre (which I left at the bottom of the garden for the fairies to stage their own plays, watch films, and heckle fairy comedians). More recently, an Etsy team I belong to set the challenge to upcycle an old cardboard tube. This little notebook was the result.Kitchen roll tube notebook. Craft project for cardboard tubesThings you’ll need:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Scraps of paper
  • Lace or string to tie
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Cardboard tube and scraps of paperSAM_0416Flatten the cardboard tube and cut down one side. Shorten the tube so the notebook doesn’t turn out too long and thin. Cut a scrap of paper to fit it and glue to the inside (this is optional, but helps to make it a little sturdier – and looks nice!).SAM_0417Sew a border round the cardboard. Tie and cut loose threads. Cut a heart shape from scrap paper, and sew to the front of the notebook cover. Sew lace to both edges, on the inside of the cover. Tie and cut loose threads.SAM_0421SAM_0424Fold scraps of paper to fit the cardboard. Match the centre-fold with the centre-fold of the cover. Sew along this fold. Tie and cut the loose threads. And tadah – you have yourself a merry little notebook!SAM_0425Cardboard tube notebook, made with a kitchen roll tube. Cardboard tube craft project.Cardboard: unendingly useful!


    • Thank you, Jen! I didn’t feel amazingly clever sat staring at the cardboard tube trying to think of something to do with it – thank goodness an idea surfaced! 😉

    • Thank you! It is exactly the right size to keep in a handbag. And it’s nice and light… which is good because my handbag doesn’t need to be any heavier! 😉

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