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Outside My Window

Purple flower

This is the time of year where I get to throw open my window and sew, and sort, and make, and write, and possibly even waste some time, listening to all things springy outside. These are just a few of the flowery things outside my window…Bud in the sunshinePurple flowerPurple flower budDandelion BudLeaves in sunshine



    • It really is, and it’s much needed! I love seeing the buds opening just that little bit more each day… there will be leaves and flowers everywhere in no time!

  1. poppytump says

    Lovely natural captures Pippin .. nice light touch .
    It’s just so good to see some little beauties in the garden finally 😉

    • Thank you. I seem to spend a lot of my life staring out of a window daydreaming (I’m sure it’s productive… somehow), and today it was looking so sun dappled and just generally lovely I thought it deserved a few photos!

      • poppytump says

        a girl after my own heart … daydream and who knows what will happen … its good for the soul ..
        Looks like another good day today 😉

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