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Flower printed cotton.

Oh dear, uh-oh, and whoops.

When I woke up this morning, I was pretty convinced that I was a normal(ish) person. An average (but not too average) Jo. But now. Well, I’m not so sure.

My name’s Joanna, and I’m a fabricoholic.
Flower printed cotton.It’s a slippery, and just oh-so pretty, slope.Printed cotton.Bird and leaf patterened fabric.You’re sure you can give up collecting it at any time.Heart and bow printed pastel blue fabric. Interesting fabric print.You become paranoid about moths.Orange and red floral fabric. William Morris print fabric.And you’re sure you will get round to using it all. Really. Little flower print fabric.Little blue flower printed fabric.When I was little, I liked to sit in my mum’s fabric box and play with all the scraps. It was only a matter of time.1960/70s fabric. Vintage floral, paisly fabric.Oh dear, uh-oh, and whoops.



  1. Colleen P. says

    I’m in denial, I have exactly enough fabric, and I’m sure I should go get a few more pieces because I’ll definitely get it sewn up this summer. *nods*

    • I also have exactly the right amount of fabric, and I will continue to have exactly the right amount of fabric no matter how many pieces happen to add themselves to my collection!

  2. Oooop[s I recognise myself here. Time to come clean, My name is Jane and I’m a fabricaholic,,,, A ribbonaholic and a buttonaholic. Feel so much better now!

  3. poppytump says

    oh I wonder what your first make will be with some of these Jo …
    one or two classics here aren’t there ?? Morris ?

    • The green and flowery fabric is a Morris print, called ‘Wild Tulip’, and I love it! I’m very excited to get sewing with all of them, but I’ve been slacking on the sewing front for the least week (eek!). I will definitely post some completed projects soon…

  4. Before my mother died, I had only tried sewing a couple of times. She left me all of her sewing supplies and much to my surprise was enormous stash of fabric! I have totes and more totes full of fabric in my garage. It will take me years to use it all up, but thanks to the supplies, she started me on a hobby I never knew i would love. I only wish she could have been there to teach me how to use it. Four years later and I stlll have not had to buy any fabric.

    • It is lovely that her fabric stash got you into sewing, but obviously sad that she couldn’t be there to teach you. I hope it keeps you sewing for many years to come!

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