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What a Lot of Patterns…

Vintage knitting and crochet patterns.

Oh, how I love 50p. It’s such a nice little price. And it’s an especially nice little price when it involves roughly 50 vintage knitting patterns, a few vintage knitting and crochet booklets, and a chunky handful of sweet patterns from old magazines. Vintage knitting and crochet patterns.SAM_9724Most of the patterns will be heading down to the local vintage market, but a few of the magazine projects will be staying here for now. My mum loves owls, so these little ones are a perfect project, and my brother’s girlfriend is pretty obsessed with cows (on account of her nickname, Moo), so we’re going to have a go at making this lovely pair. They’re called Moo and Chew in the instructions, but they might just have to be called Moo and Pippin in real life.Vintage sewing pattern for little cow toys. Looking through old knitting patterns never fails to provide a few laughs. This next pattern, with unanimous agreement from my family, was the funniest of this particular lot, and possibly the funniest (also, strangest) I have ever seen. I just cannot figure out how someone thought this was a good idea. At what point in life would you ever need this amount of knitwear?Funny vintage/old knitting pattern. There’s just. So. Much. Knitting.

I found this next one amusing, mainly because of the guy in the background. I think it’s the face and the arm. His hat is very fetching, though.SAM_9743 And this woman does not look particularly happy. I’ve been trying to figure out what emotion she is conveying here. Is she unimpressed? Angry? Or just really proud of her shiny white teeth?SAM_9748Any suggestions?



  1. great finds! i hope you post pictures of your owls and cows!

    i think the overly-knitted person is agreeing with you…i can see her thinking “this is the most embarrassing thing i have ever done. i cannot believe this. this is insane. think of the money. think of the money. hopefully no one will recognise me. think of the money.”

    • You’re right, she doesn’t exactly look overjoyed! I hope she got paid well for her suffering. And I will definitely post pictures of the owls and cows!

  2. The head-to-toe knitted lady looks like she is struggling to stop herself from laughing at her own outfit. I love it! In every era of fashion, some models must find it difficult to keep a straight face with some outfits. (Even now, I can see the Australian Wool Innovation / Woolmark adopting this outfit!)

    • I love it too – it’s so bad, it’s good! Models are made to wear some strange things. I look forward to going through patterns, adverts, etc. from today in 30 years, and laughing at some of the more silly ones!

  3. poppytump says

    50p well spent Pippin just for the laugh factor …
    some really quirky outfits there 🙂

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