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A Little Expedition

Vintage kitchen paraphernalia, Bridport, Dorset.

Bridport on the map.Bridport, in my home county of Dorset, in England, is vintage and second-hand shopping heaven. There are little treasure trove like shops crammed with vintage clothes, and warehouses filled to the brim with rustic furniture, old books, pretty button tins, and loads, loads more.Old painted advert, Bridport, Dorset.There are lots of interesting little signs and old adverts all around the town. Signs for the vintage shops, in Bridport, Dorset. Bird mural on a building, Bridport, Dorset.Most of the vintage shops are concentrated in an old factory, and in the warehouses around it. You can sense the potential finds as you walk up to each door…Vintage sign, Bridport, Dorset. Vintage kitchen paraphernalia, Bridport, Dorset.Although I only bought a few, I had a great time going through boxes of old postcards (which have become a bit of an obsession lately). Maybe it’s a bit nosey, but I loved reading what the sender’s had written. The older ones were more like little note cards, relaying day to day events.Vintage postcardVintage postcard Vintage postcardVintage postcard.Vintage postcard.My friend found one postcard that got our imaginations going. It was from a woman, who was apologising to her friend for not making it round for tea, saying that she would explain why the next time she saw her. Most of the journey home was spent speculating why she couldn’t get to tea with her friend – whatever it was, I like to think it was a good story. Second-hand fabric.All in all, I found enough lace, fabric, and postcards to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.

And I’m already planning the next trip…



  1. I love old postcards! I have an old suitcase full of them, from my grandma`s exploring days. It`s even more fun when there is a personal connection!

    • I agree, when there’s a personal connection it’s like going through old family photos, with all the memories and stories – I’ve got a little drawer filled with the ones people have sent to me, and I look forward to going through them when I’m older! In the mean time, I plan to travel lots, and send as many as I can to my friends and family!

  2. I’m jealous! I’d love to be roaming around all those charming little vintage shops. I was thrilled to be able to do that while visiting family this summer in France. There’s definitely something special about small villages, and the prices are so much better 🙂

  3. poppytump says

    ooh I think I just have to follow you Pippin 😉
    Love down south there … abit further on from you on the coast … Lyme is a favourite 🙂

    • Thank you. I love Lyme Regis too – it’s just so unendingly quaint and pretty! I should hopefully be going on a little expedition there at some point soon! 🙂

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