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Snow, Marshmallows, and Vintage Postcards

Back of printed postcard.

On Friday, it snowed. Little plant in the snow.When I peeked out of the curtains in the morning, my heart leapt. It doesn’t really snow much in England, and, when it does, it seems to snow everywhere else apart from the little corner of the country that I actually live in. This time, we weren’t left out.Leaves in the snow.Leaves in the snow.Apart from having fun running around outside with a camera, sliding unelegantly along paths whilst trying to walk from a to b, and building a big snowman (I may have also accidentally hit my brother with a few snowballs),  I’ve also enjoyed blundering around the house in a thick pair of socks, sewing, and generally being a bit crafty (the good kind of crafty – not the secretly planning world domination kind of crafty). In the evening, we all sat around a nice fire, roasting marshmallows.Roasting marshmallows.Over the weekend, I printed some parcel paper with Indian wooden block prints.Peacock block print, printed onto parcel paper. Indian wooden block print, printed onto parcel paper.Today, I ventured up to town, wrapped up warm. In a charity shop, I found some vintage postcards for 10p, and little sets of illustrated cards that had long ago come from packets of tea.Vintage postcards. Vintage postcard. Back of printed postcard.I wonder who Eliza was/is?Little illustrated cards. Little illustrated cards, birds of Britain. Illustration of a Goldcrest, and Long-tailed Tit. Little illustrated cards, tropical birds. Illustrations of a Orange-bellied Chloropsis, a Red-sided Parrot, and a Purple-crested Turaco., I’m not sure what I’ll do with these little cards, but they were too sweet to ignore. Seeing as it’s due to stay cold here for a few more days, I’ve got time to experiment…



    • It was a lovely day, and I thought the little cards were really intriguing! The illustrations on them are so beautiful and intricate.

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