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Bluebird of Happiness Pin Cushion Tutorial

Finished bluebird of happiness pin cushion.

I don’t know why, but bluebirds, to me at least, seem like the epitome of niceness. So, after spilling pins all over the floor, and then deciding that I really needed a pin cushion, I thought that I’d make one that looked (at least a little bit!) like a bluebird. Using it the first few times felt a little voodoo-ish, but I think I’ve just about got over it now…Finished bluebird of happiness pin cushion.

It’s quick and easy to make, and perfect for using up little pieces of fabric from other projects.

Things you’ll need:

  • Fabric scraps, in a variety of colours
  • Button or bead (for the eye)
  • A craft feather
  • Pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • A needle
  • Thread that compliments your fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • A craft feather
  • Wadding (you could use scraps of yarn or fabrics, even wool, to fill the the bluebird instead)

* To make a stencil, I found a picture of a bluebird, traced round it, and transferred the pencil onto some scrap card. I made the outline more simplistic, and also made it a little bigger, then cut this out. Tadah! *

Bluebird template on the fabric.

Firstly, cut out the fabric. Along with two main pieces you’ll also need a wing, a chest, and a beak. Main bodies pieces of the bluebird pin cushion.Bluebird of happiness pin cushion parts.

Hand sew these onto the main body, using a simple straight stitch. You could add more stitches (I did on the wing) to give it a more feathery look.The pieces sewn onto the main body of the bluebird.

Sew on either a button or a bead for the eye. Using your sewing machine, and with the main side of the fabrics facing each other, sew the two bluebird body pieces together, leaving the tail feather edge loose. Turn it the right side out through the tail edge (you will need to use something like a pencil or knitting needle to make the beak as pointy as possible).Main body of the bluebird pin cushion.

Fill with wadding. Fold the edges of the tail down onto the inside slightly (so there are now raw edges),  and stick the craft feather into this edge. Hand sew down.Completed bluebird of happiness pin cushion.

And tadah!! Your bluebird of happiness is finished! Hopefully, the pins will stay off of the floor from now on…



  1. Adorable bluebird. I just discovered them on pinterest this last week as we don’t get them over here, so i didn’t know they existed. I’m definitely gonna make one too but in tin. Love the tutorial btw 🙂 x

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