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Lazy Skies

Silhouette of branches, in front of the sun set, Dorset, England.

The past couple of weeks have been grey, cloudy, and rainy on this lovely but very, very soggy island – usually the perfect weather for sewing and generally being crafty. But at Christmas time (with the weather outside being frightful, and the fire inside being delightful – perfect for toasting marshmallows!), it’s been nice being a little bit lazy: watching films, eating too many chocolates, and playing games with assorted family visiting from across the country.

There have been a few family walks though, and that seemed like a nice opportunity to take some photos – the most creative thing I’ve done over the last week and a half!

Even though I’ve lived in England all my life, and the chances of white Christmases here are pretty slim, there’s a part of my brain that expects it to snow on Christmas day. It didn’t. We opened our presents, and set a long table to the sound of sleety rain.Railings silhouetted against the sunset on Christmas day 2012

After a lovely, delicious, and very, very big lunch, we noticed the sky was turning blue, and the sun was venturing out from it’s hiding. We scrambled round the house, fetching shoes, coats, and gloves, half running down the road to watch the pinky-orange sun starting to set across the water meadows. We walked to a bridge near-by, the river spilling over into the fields, and watched little patches of water as they started to swirl and then fade, and then rush along downstream.Water rushing under a bridge, along the River Stour, DorsetSun setting across the water meadows on Christmas day, Dorset, England. Sun set reflected in the flood water on the water meadows, Dorset, England. Silhouette of branches, in front of the sun set, Dorset, England.

Yesterday, the sky was perfectly blue, decorated with a few white and whispy clouds. It was the perfect remedy to the weeks of mostly grey skies, and was ideal for a New Years Day walk. I still had to wear my wellies, half walking and half sliding along the path through the mud.Two leaves Branches shining in the sun on New Years Day 2013, Dorset, England.

Now that everything is a little calmer, I intend to get sewing again. Happy 2013!


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