Running Wild
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Walking Under a Blue, Blue Sky

Seed heads in winter sunlight

The trees are bare now. Their skeletons crinkle up into the sky. And yesterday, the sky was shining.Seed heads in winter sunlightQueen Anne's Lace seed head, with a blue winter sky

A veil of brilliantly blue blue, draped with a glimmer of golden, soft, and warming yellow. Rosehips in winter sunlight

The end of autumn can be deceptive. The flourish of orange leaves have all gone, plants have died back, and the weather (especially here!) tends to be a little grey.A little leaf

You have to look a little harder, but the colours soon melt out of their hiding.Greenery

I didn’t mind trailing behind, listening to the soft babble of family in front, trying to notice all the different shapes, all the different bursts of life. A robin hopped about along a maze of bare and tangled branches, looking happy in the sunshine.Bare branches in the sunshineOld man's beard

The sky is blue again today.



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