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Waist Apron Tutorial

Finished baking apron

Finished black and white apron

In a charity shop a few weeks ago, me and a friend found some Christmassy fabric that we both loved, and so, trying to think of an excuse to buy it, we decided to make some “Christmas baking aprons”. We only had a limited amount of fabric, so after searching online for some apron patterns, we thought it’d just be better if we winged it. After an afternoon and evening of umming and ahhing, cutting out, sewing, cups of tea, umming and ahhing again, hot chocolate, and then some more sewing, we had some lovely little waist aprons with which to bake (chocolatey – always chocolatey) goodies.

I promised to make my little sister one out of some black and white fabric, and I thought that it’d be a great opportunity to take lots of photos, keep a note of the steps, and write up a tutorial. I hope it makes sense!

Just to add: There’s no limit to the amount of ribbon, lace, or other trimmings, that you can sew on to your apron to make it more your style. The basic construction is pretty simple, so let your imagination run wild…

You will need:

  • Fabric (patterned fabric is best – especially if baking with chocolate)!
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Sewing pins
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread that compliments your fabric
  • Ribbon or lace (optional – but looks pretty)!

Fabric dimensions:

  • Waist band: 60 inches (150cm) by 5 inches (12.5cm). If you don’t have enough fabric to cut 60 inches all at once, just cut a series of bands that add up to roughly 60 inches, and sew these together. Also, 5 inches makes quite a thick waistband – you could easily make it 4 inches instead. Anything less is likely to be too thin.
  • Main apron piece: 30-35 inches (76-89cm) by 25 inches (63.5cm). If you don’t want the apron to be gathered, you won’t need it to be so wide. Instead measure the front of your waist, and add 2 inches (5cm).
  • Pockets (x2): 12 inches (31cm) by 10 inches (25.5cm). My Christmas apron doesn’t have pockets, as I didn’t have enough fabric. If you don’t have enough fabric, you can either leave them out (they aren’t essential), or you could use a different fabric.

The Waistband: Once you’ve done this, you won’t need the waistband until the end. Fold 5 inch edges over about 1cm, and iron. Lengthways, fold and iron the waistband in half. Then iron up the bottom edges by about 1cm. Because of the length, this is a little bit fiddly – pin as you go to help keep the edges from unfolding.

Inside the waistband

The Main Apron Piece: For both 25 inch edges, do what I’ll refer to as the “double fold” for the rest of the tutorial. The double fold: fold a border of about 1cm, iron, then fold over again, and iron again (this means there are no untidy edges). Pin and sew. For the bottom edge, double fold, but make the second fold a little bigger. Sew.


*If you want rounded corners, ignore pretty much everything I’ve just said. First fold the fabric in half and cut a gently rounded corner. Double fold the side and bottom edges – this will take a little longer (because of the curve), and a lot of pins. Then sew.*

The Pockets: Double fold the top of the pockets (if you’d like, add some lace or ribbon on the front). Pin and sew.

Ribbon pinned to the top edge of a pocket

Now double fold the bottom edge of each pocket. Pin in place. Repeat for the sides.

Pinning the pockets

Sewing on the Pockets: On the main apron piece, place the pockets 6 inches (15cm) down from the top, and 2.5 inches (6.5cm) in from the sides. Pin. Sew both pockets on, going round the edges twice.

Pocket pinned onto the main apron piecePocket sewn to apron

Gathering: Set your sewing machine’s stitch length to the longest it will go, and sew across the top of the apron piece. To gather, pull the top overhanging threads on each side. Measure it up against your waist, and when you’re happy with the width of the apron tie the ends of the thread to stop the gathering from coming loose.


Attaching the Apron to the Waistband: Measure the centre points of both the waistband and the apron piece, and mark with a pin. Open up the waistband and slot the apron in, matching up the centres. The top edge of the apron should run along the halfway fold of the waistband. Fold the other half of the waistband over, and pin in place.

Slotting the apron piece into the waistbandApron piece pinned into waistband

The Homestretch: Now all you have to do is sew the waistband shut. Starting from one of the top corners, sew, sew, sew, sew, sew!

Tadah! The apron is finished! All you have to do now is bake!Finished baking apron



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