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And Christmas Trees All in a Row…

Close up of recycled fabric christmas decoration.

Christmas tree hanging, recycled fabric christmas decorationRecycled christmas decoration, christmas tree hanging

Although it’s still November, I thought it might be nice to have a go at being organised about Christmas… making a Christmas tree hanging seemed to slot nicely between being organised and doing something fun. It was really easy to make, and used up scraps of fabric that I had lying about. The hardest part was trying to cut the trees as uniformly as possible (even with a template this was surprisingly hard), and then arrange the fabrics together so there were no repeated or too similar fabric combinations next to each other. I had planned to make it one-sided, but after deciding that was actually because I was being lazy, I cut out another set of trees and pinned them along the back. After that it was just a matter of sewing it straight up and down the middle a few times – feeding a new tree onto the machine as I came to the end of another – then stitching around the inner tree shape to make it extra sturdy. I then ironed them, which helped with the last tree trying to twist slightly. I’m glad I made it reversible!

To finish it, I threaded a loop at the top with thick cotton thread, and also ran some thread through the bottom, and added a line of beads to weigh it down (to be fair, they also look pretty!).

Close up of Christmas tree hanging, made with recycled fabric. Handmade Christmas decoration.Christmas tree hanging decoration, clsoe up.

The basic hanging design could easily be made with other shapes that can be sewn up and down in a straight line, hearts or stars for example, and could then be used all year round. I think I might have to go and make some…

UPDATE: …and I did!

Heart motif wall hanging, Recycled fabric

Close up, Heart motifs, Heart wall hanging

Heart motif wall hanging, Recycled fabric

Close up, Heart motifs, Heart wall hanging



    • I really enjoyed making them! They’re so simple to make, and are great for using up little pieces of fabric left over from other projects! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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