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A Tale of Two Cushions

William Morris, Chrysanthemum, Blue

Rummaging through the fabric boxes in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago, I came across a beautiful piece of William Morris print fabric for 50p. Blue is hands-down my favourite colour, and the pattern (called Chrysanthemum) is stunning  – a perfect combination! Immediately, my head thought cushion cover.

William Morris print fabric, Chrysanthemum, Blue

I’ve had a few uncovered cushions hidden away in my room for the last couple of years… finally (?!) I’d found the perfect fabric to kick start getting some of them done. Making up the cover took about an hour and a wee bit – I winged it all the way. I didn’t want a zip, but I wanted it to be removable, so it’s made like a pillow case so it can be easily folded off. The lace was bought on Saturday at a local vintage market my Mum and I had a stall at, and it marks where the overlap of fabric ends.

William Morris print fabric, Chrysanthemum, Cushion cover

William Morris print fabric cushion cover

With a fair bit of fabric and and a little bit of lace left, all in all (with the fabric at 50p and the lace at £1.00) I would say the cover cost about 75p to make (plus an hour and a bit of my time). I think that’s very reasonable!

Handmade cushion covers, William Morris print fabric

I made another cushion cover in the same style with fabric bought on an expedition to Ikea about 3 years ago – I still think it’s a lovely print, but I think if I was at Ikea today I wouldn’t have bought it… I’m too far down the finding fabric in a charity shop, car boot sale, jumble sale, etc. line. I think it makes life more interesting (with the added benefit of making life less expensive as well)! The lace was from a car boot sale.

Ikea fabric cushion cover

Handmade cuchion covers, Ikea fabric and William Morris print fabric

Two cushion covers down, two to go…



    • Thank you! I’d put off making them for aaages, and I was happily surprised at how quick they were to make! On the lookout for more lovely blue fabric…

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