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Paper Crazy

Paper decorated boxes

Decorating things with paper is a ridiculously easy way of taking something that looks boring and making it look interesting. You can make something look sickly sweet, a tiny bit twee, or just unashamedly christmassy depending on the types of paper – maybe with trimmings as well! – you use. The possibilities are endless…

Over the last couple of days, I’ve gone just a little bit paper crazy. I decided to paper over bits of cardboard, tiny drawers, and some little gift boxes. For the sake of my family, it’s probably a good thing the PVA glue has almost run out.

At a jumble sale earlier this year, I found a little set of drawers for 50p. I stripped out the horrible pink faux-velvet covering it on the inside, sanded it all down, painted it, and then left it until this week  – a grand total of 8 months – to actually finish it. I papered the insides of the drawers (badly) with some wall paper scraps, re-attached the handles, and now – finally – I can use it to keep little bits of lace in.

For my birthday a few of months ago, I got a couple of bits of jewellery that came in gift boxes. I kept the boxes aside to re-decorate and use for wrapping little gifts myself. Originally they were black, so I did an initial layer of white paper and then papered over that with a printed paper bag and the motifs from some old wrapping paper.

Paper decorated/decoupage box

Paper decorated/decoupage box

And finally, I papered over some bits of thin cardboard with scraps of old sheet music to use to display/package things like hair clips.

So much paper, so little time.


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