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Old Picture Frame Earring Display/Holder Tutorial

After a few weeks of searching (not very hard) for an earring display to use on a stall at a local craft and vintage market, I decided that I was probably capable of making my own. As most of the stall is made up of vintage patterns, old sewing machines, buttons, knitting needles and the like, I wanted something small and of a similar style so that it would fit nicely in alongside the other items. A frame felt like an ideal starting point as it is free standing, and the lace both looks good and is a perfect structure to hook earrings through. I used white and cream coloured laces and fabric so that the earrings stand out.Picture frame and lace earring display tutorial

Things you’ll need:

  • An old frame
  • Scissors
  • Off cuts of lace (must be relatively strong)
  • Glue (PVA worked well for me)
  • Cotton thread
  • A sewing machine
  • A pencil
  • Sewing pins
  • Light coloured cardboard
  • A paintbrush
  • Fabric

Firstly, take apart the pieces of the frame. You’ll need the glass to start with, but not for the finished display.

Draw round the glass onto the card – obviously glass is a bit pointy and breakable, so let’s all be careful out there! – and cut this shape out. Now place the card on the fabric, mark around the edges with pencil, and cut out a fabric piece with a border of roughly 1cm (just under half an inch) around the marks.SAM_6805

Arrange the lace across the fabric piece – you’ll want to consider the length of the earrings as you do this – and pin in place. Now sew the lace on using a simple straight stitch. You could hand sew with a running stitch if you prefer, but obviously this will take longer.SAM_6818

Lace side down, spread the fabric onto a smooth surface. Cover one side of the piece of card with glue (if you’re using a cereal box, use the inner side). Glue-covered side down, line up the edges of the card with the marks on the fabric, then smooth the card down onto it. Apply a little pressure as you do this to prevent air bubbles and creases.

Cut out a square shape into each corner of the bordering fabric. Glue these sides down to the back of the card.SAM_6855

On the front, peel the lace away from the surface a little (this makes sure it doesn’t dry to the fabric). Leave to dry.SAM_6835

And that’s about it! All you have left to do is insert your lovely, lacey creation into the frame and – tadah! – you’re done.SAM_6841

Adorn with earrings!


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